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Both yacht clubs in Dana Point Harbor are dedicated to the sport of sailing and boating. Both clubs offer many programs for youth sailing and sailboat racing. Although they are for members only, if you have a passion for racing a sailboat you may contact them to help you find a spot aboard a member's boat for racing. You don't need to be a member to participate in some of their racing programs.

Dana West Yacht Club

Dana West Yacht Club is a Southern California Yachting Association Senior Club that offers its members and guests unbeatable services and activities. DWYC is known for its hospitality, incredible dining experience, top-shelf bar service, and fun and entertaining social events. DWYC invites you to visit its website to familiarize yourself with their menus, event calendar, on-the-water activities and how to join the Dana West Yacht Club family.

Dana Point Yacht Club

Dana Point Yacht Club is a private club owned by the members. It's purpose is to provide boating, social and related activities for its members and their guests. DPYC is currently accepting new member applications. Today, the club is very active in racing, hosting many regattas and races throughout the year. .

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